Squash South Australia

Name Where When
2020 Ingle Farm Open Championships 21st Feb to 22nd Feb
Name Where When
2020 Barossa In-house Junior Bronze Event 6th Mar to 6th Mar
2020 SA Racquetball Open 7th Mar to 8th Mar
Somerton Junior Bronze Tournament 15th Mar to 15th Mar
2020 Ingle Farm Junior Silver Tournament 29th Mar to 29th Mar
Name Where When
2020 Campbelltown Open 3rd Apr to 4th Apr
2020 Barossa Junior Bronze Tournament 19th Apr to 19th Apr
Name Where When
2020 Whyalla Junior Silver Tournament 9th May to 10th May
2020 Whyalla Open Tournament 9th May to 10th May
2020 Clare Junior Bronze Tournament 24th May to 24th May
Name Where When
2020 South Adelaide Junior Silver Tourmament 14th Jun to 14th Jun
Name Where When
2020 SA Open - TBC 4th Jul to 5th Jul
2020 SA Junior Age Gold Tournament - TBC 4th Jul to 5th Jul
Name Where When
2020 Campbelltown Junior Bronze Tournament 2nd Aug to 2nd Aug
2020 South Adelaide Open Tournament 8th Aug to 9th Aug
2020 Naracoorte Junior Silver Tournament 23rd Aug to 23rd Aug
Name Where When
2020 South Adelaide Junior Bronze Tournament #2 5th Sep to 5th Sep
2020 Stepneys Next Gen Classic 18th Sep to 19th Sep
Name Where When
2020 Iron Triangle Bronze Tournament 24th Oct to 25th Oct
Name Where When
2020 SA Senior-Junior Teams Event 7th Nov to 7th Nov
2020 Bodysmith Junior Bronze Tournament 15th Nov to 15th Nov
2020 Rackets and Strings Open 20th Nov to 21st Nov
Top 20 Ranking, All Players
Sanctioned Leagues
Adelaide Daytime Squash Pennant Squash (Singles)
Adelaide High School Squash Competition Squash (Singles)
Adelaide Racquetball Pennant Racquetball (Squash 57)
Adelaide Squash Pennant Squash (Singles)
Adelaide Test Squash (Singles)
Barossa Valley Squash Pennant Squash (Singles)
Broken Hill Squash Pennant Squash (Singles)
Campbelltown Squash Club Racquetball Doubles (Squash 57)
Copper Coast Squash Club Squash (Singles)
Port Pirie Squash Pennant Squash (Singles)
South Australian Club Squash Championships Squash (Singles)
Sub Organizations

There are 2 sub-organizations associated with Squash South Australia.

Contact Info
6 MAB Eastern Promenade
Tonsley, South Australia 5042
8276 4054

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